About Us

As an agency, The Marketing Hub has evolved and succeeded because we value your expertise and learn from it. 20 years of learning from the best (that’s YOU) have left us with a repository of the best knowledge and experience. That’s what we bring to each and every one of your marketing and promotional ventures to ensure that our implementation matches your vision.

As an extension to your CAPACITY, we make it cost effective and feasible for you to plan big by adding our resources to your team and your campaign. These resources are:

  • Imagination
  • Cost engineering
  • Clever sourcing print and premia
  • People who know what to do
  • Workshop fabrication
  • Feet on the Street to implement
  • Virtual warehousing of your ideas
  • Physical Warehousing of your POS, Premia and Props

Add new ideas and capabilities like cost effective Digital Display installation and content management and control, and The Marketing Hub team are the ingredient that you might be missing.

The Marketing Hub makes your money work to achieve your goals as you conceived them. Other agencies say they can do this – we’ve been doing this for 20 years. We are not most agencies…..we are you.