The warehouse team has been looking after marketing premia, display, props and POS for 20+years and have developed systems and processes that are specifically tailored towards promotional and marketing requirements.

At The Marketing Hub we understand that sometimes (no, not always) marketing campaigns are challenging and unpredictable and might not always run as smoothly as product distribution that differs little from week to week. So from time to time it’s a case of “all hands on the pump” to ensure that a campaign meets its deadlines.

If the logistics fail, all the concept creation, planning, design, sourcing, staffing, and in-trade preparation are compromised and a lot of money is wasted. Each day that a campaign is delayed means revenue that is lost and cannot be recovered. And delays that are encountered throughout the critical path of a project must be recovered at the final implementation phase.

The total logistics solution is offered including order fulfilment, kitting, and a wide range of distribution options. POS is stored with respect and handled for best protection with the use of appropriate packaging solutions. Sophisticated stock management systems allow tracking of each item with brand and promotion specific reporting, inventory management, kitting and de-kitting into component parts, access with permission levels to client field staff with order fulfillment and many other features.

The warehouses at The Marketing Hub have 24 hours signalling alarm system with integrated CCTV coverage.

  • Thousands of pallet spaces and pick locations just outside the door
  • Live stock control
  • Full traceability
  • Tracking by brand, promotion, owner
  • Flexible reporting
  • Cloud based ordering
  • Field rep availability
  • Log-in specific permissions
  • 24-hour security
  • Regional storage hubs

Our recent projects

Even our warehouse operates like an agency, with key account management and brand champions to ensure that your interests are preserved better than could be expected of an in-house solution.