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Human perception is often unreliable when it come to supply partners and loyalty can be misplaced. The Marketing Hub offers a unique and state of the art cloud based procurement solution that ensures that clients achieve the best price, performance and lightning quick turnaround from EVERY supplier EVERY time.

The Marketing Workflow system allows tracked and controlled management of the supply chain that can be MEASURED. In print particularly, your favourite supplier is not always optimal when an equally competent alternative has capacity and the correct print stock to hand, for example.

The Marketing Hub has an impressive range of supply partners and the technology, experience and skill to manage the process to maximise cost savings and to enhance the effectiveness of the campaign without compromising speed, efficiency or quality.

And with an integrated Asset Management System the Hub can host all of your marketing assets for easy access. Design budgets can be rationalised by the use of templates and by implementing simple tweaks to existing work.

Many marketing professionals waste their talents on the distracting minutiae of dealing with detail of supplier relations which compromises their ability to perform at the optimum level. This noise pollution is what stops you from achieving the excellence that is your USP and the reason you were chosen for your job. Imagine a work environment that allowed you to concentrate on strategic and tactical goals without the distraction of that hassle that pulls you from your daily to do list.

In a nutshell;

  • Multiple vendor database
  • Brand guardians
  • Critical Path visibility
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Supplier performance measurement
  • Cloud based tender for every purchase
  • Consistently reduced cost
  • Brand consistency

Our recent projects

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